Thursday, January 17, 2008

Home sick

I worked Monday, feeling kind of off kilter.
Tuesday, I went to work but came home at 10:30 am.
Wednesday, I didn't feel right but went to work anyway.
This morning, I called my office at 7:30 am and left a message that I needed to stay home.

Things I have noticed during my time at home:

-- My mail comes around 1pm. There is rarely anything good in it, it's all flyers, real estate agent self-promotion, and bills. Why don't we send letters anymore? Why don't we all, collectively, work to make receiving the mail an exciting thing?

-- When you are sick, playing the brand new Wii might seem like a fun diversion. The truth is it's too much work.

-- My dog is never going to learn to stop barking at everything that moves.

-- When you are sick, your "bed head" takes on new, previously unimagined dimensions. I'm sure it stems from night sweats, but I have to tell you that I have never been more unattractive than I am at this exact moment. I suppose I could take a shower, but...

-- When you're sick, showering seems like a foreign, unattainable goal. I don't have enough energy to simply stand under hot water. But somehow I have the energy to type. Hmmm.

-- A low grade fever is harder to deal with than a scorcher. For example, if my temp was 104, I'd take drugs, sleep, and fight that bastard. However, my temp hovers between 100 and 101, which is just enough to make me a whiny loser. I don't take drugs at this level, because I know a fever is my body's way of fighting, so why should I stop it? The side effect, of course, is that I become a complete baby, wanting the entire universe to revolve around me.

-- I promise I will be back shortly, saying something (anything) more interesting than this.

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