Monday, January 7, 2008

I'm baaaaaaaaack

For various reasons, I have been without internet access for almost three weeks. Between a wonky connection here at the house, and an even wonkier connection at our rental home in Florida, this is the first opportuinty I've had to update this site.... and of course tonight I am super busy with little time to post. So, here's a quick rundown of my vacation, by the numbers:

Ten - Number of glorious, sunny, hot days spent in Florida
Nine - Number of roller coasters I screamed my head off on. (Including front row seats on Kraken at SeaWorld. Yeah baby.)
Eight - Number of dollars I spent on a hot pink, goose down parka at the world's most kick ass outlet store in Detroit.
Seven - Number of Lego sets Son brought back from the Lego SuperStore.
Six - Number of bracelet charms Husbandly One bought for me at the Kennedy Space Centre. (I wanted ONE to add to my existing charm bracelet. Now, it looks like I have to start a new, "All-NASA-All-The-Time" bracelet.)
Five - Number of people in my family who left on the trip. And, on a positive note, also the number who came back.
Four - Number of massive snowstorms that hit my home town while we were away.
Three - Number of hours Husbandly One and I spent walking around Epcot one afternoon, just the two of us. Heavenly.
Two - Number of correct numbers I had on my lottery ticket, therefore forcing me to come home, after all.
One - Number of heartbeats it would take me to go back.

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forestsister said...

SUCH as tease! I can't wait to hear more :)