Tuesday, October 30, 2007


Further to yesterday's rant, I just want to say, PS, I am aware that leaves blow all over neighbourhoods, I don't think my neighbours are plotting against me because "their" leaves end up in "my" yard. But they could rake occasionally is all I'm saying. Bitches.

And wow, big hint thatI should get off the couch more often, because today I am so sore. My back hurts, my arms hurt, my butt hurts. I'm using that as my excuse not to go rake up all the leaves that migrated to my house today...

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Mare said...

Commiserations from a fellow (2 hour) leaf raker. The skin between my thumbs and forefingers looks like I put out cigarettes on them for a bet....or just to be a bad ass..I'm not sure which one I'd be more likely to do...probably the bad ass...yeah that's it.