Sunday, October 7, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving

Emotionally, I dig the timing of Canadian Thanksgiving (October) much more than American Thanksgiving (November). This preference is certainly based on the fact that, umm, I am Canadian, but look at it this way. Traditional story of American Thanksgiving is that a bunch of immigrants to the New World were pretty much hooped until some Native Americans bailed them out. Traditional story of Canadian Thanksgiving is finalizing the bountiful harvest the earth has given us, and celebrating that fact. "My" story just seems more self affirming, with all due respect to the poor settlers in America who at least had the presence of mind to accept help and advice from the Native Americans. Both are good, positive stories. I just like mine better.

Turkey Day in our house has been postponed to tomorrow, due to Husbandly One's work schedule. Turkey is defrosting, just called my Mum for her stuffing receipe (something I do EVERY turkey-related'd think I would write it down some place safe and keep it forever, but, oh no, I call her every time I need to shove my arm inside a dead bird. It's one of my most sacred traditions.)

Have spent a great amount of time researching and planning our trip to Disney / Universal / Seaworld / Nasa during the Christmas break. I think I have a pretty good handle on it, but let me throw this out to Blagger Land: I have never been there before, so any advice or secret information you may have is much appreciated. We have 5 day flex tickets to the Disney stuff, two day tickets to the Universal stuff, and one day at Seaworld. Help me.

Oh, and like I said in the title, happy Thanksgiving.

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