Sunday, August 10, 2008

Sunday thoughts

When I get up before Husbandly One on the weekend... I creep around the house, making as little noise as possible so he can sleep. I close our bedroom door, and then sit in silence in the living room, reading, until he wakes on his own. (Please note this may mean me being all silent and mouse-like from 8 am to 1 in the afternoon) When he wakes, I immediately get him a coffee, and we start our day.

When Husbandly One gets up before me... well, that has never happened before, ever, until today. When Husbandly One gets up before me, he leaves the bedroom door wide open. And turns on the TV so he can watch the Olympics. Loudly. And then when I stomp out of the bedroom, he looks so contrite that I sort of forgive him. Until I realize no coffee is forthcoming. I finally say, "Well, I'll just get my OWN coffee, shall I??"

More contriteness. Ok ok, dude does not know how to be The First Person Up. I still love him.

I poured my own coffee, and opened the fridge to discover there was not so much as a drop of dairy product to put in my coffee. Much swearing and banging ensued. And as I grabbed my car keys and ran my fingers through my un-combed bedhead before leaving the house in search of milk, Husbandly One said, "Oh, since you're going out, can you also pick up...."

Good thing for him he never finished that sentence.

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