Sunday, August 24, 2008

There are garden centres, and then there are garden centres

Yesterday Husbandly One and I needed to run a few errands, and found ourselves near a relatively new gardening centre we had never visited. Husbandly One suggested we stop in, just to see what they were about. (My Lord I love than man.)

We walked around, and I certainly admit their brand new facility was beautiful and interesting. But I stopped dead in my tracks when I saw their huge, end-of-season annuals section. BIG sale was going on. You could purchase a six inch pot of scraggly, dying pansies for the rock bottom price of $5.99 ! Everwhere I looked, over a sea of questionable plants, were the same shocking prices.

I felt like finding an employee and saying, "Hi, just a question out of curiosity here. You DO know that it is the end of August, right? And you DO know that any annual planted now will be dead within a month, right?"

Six dollars my foot.

I will never visit that gardening centre again.

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