Friday, June 20, 2008

Who wants to fall in love? (Plus? CONTEST!)

Yesterday (was it really only yesterday?) I was a little on the bored side, so I checked out a blog that was new to me, Confessions of a CF Husband.

I have already explained that my way of "accepting" a new blog involves me going back to the very beginning, and reading forward. I encouraged you to check out some of my favourite blogs and possibly use my methods of getting to know the bloggers I enjoy. No pressure, just sayin'.

Then, seriously? DUDE. I found CF Husband.

Please please please link to this amazing blog through my sidebar. And please please please go back to the beginning and read it through from start to today's post. I will admit freely (as I'm sure the author would) that the very earliest posts, ummmm, SUCK (hey, he started this as a communication tool for his immediate family, not for strangers like us). But I promise you, by the time you get to Tricia's Secret Prayer, your life will change.

Shut up, I did NOT drink any Kool-Aid. I am simply humbled and surprised by the emotional envolvement I have forged with this family of strangers in the last 48 hours. Seriously, check it out.

As for contest....I have thought about doing this for a while, and I had several fun prizes in mind. And while those may well show up in future, here's the current deal:

Leave a comment on my blog, on any post, between now and next Friday at 8pm AST (7pm EST) and you will be entered for my fabulous prize: a $50 donation, made in your name, to either the Cystic Fibrosis organization in your (Province / state / country) OR a $50 donation to your local NICU (again in your name.) Which means that I will donate $50, and you will receive the tax receipt.

No, it may not be as fun as getting an actual prize for yourself, but maybe between the two of us we can help save a life.

Listen guys, I see my stats, I know there are a lot of lurkers out there. SO c'mon, delurk in support of two great causes.