Friday, June 20, 2008

I know I'm slow, but explain to me how this works

Son (like thousands of other kids) received his final report card today.

Let me first make this clear: I am proud of Son at all times, in all ways, no matter what. And he knows that. I do not consider his grades important in the least, as long as he is trying his hardest and is becoming a kind, compassionate person along the way.

So we get the final report card for Grade Six today. It has ten grades. Three B's (80% to 86%) , three A's (87% to 94%), and four A+'s (95% and above). (He gets this stunning scholastic ability from me. Oh, okay, he gets SOME of it from my Ex-Husband, but mostly? Me.)

Here's my issue (and why his History teacher had better hope not to meet me in a dark alley). Aside from his actual mark, the teachers get to make one of five broad (and I mean BROAD) comments : Very Good, Satisfactory, Acceptable, Requires Improvement, Failed.

So can someone please how explain to me how my Son achieved a 99% in history....and whose interest in history has now placed him among the top 165 historically-minded children in all of CANADA to be chosen for the National History Fair, along with an all expenses paid trip to the other side of the bloody COUNTRY... My child was NOT rated "Very Good", but merely "SATISFACTORY"???

Lady, you better keep looking over your shoulder, cause I'm a'comin.

Proud Amah

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Gillian Grattan-Baldwin said...

I think you should contact the history teacher and ask about this comment and state those exact reasons why you feel satisfactory is not are well within your rights to express this and if you don't want a confrontation type phone call, just email the teacher via the school and be as nice as you can about it, simply stating the facts. I think perhaps the teacher just was going through the reports at random and forgot to put outstanding since he was so used to noting satisfactory card after card. Make him see his oversight, you have a right when you are the parent to brillance. And believe me, I would feel the exact same way since I too am a parent to brilliance. :)