Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Irma's Picks

Still not up on the Funny yet. I will get there but my day at work was anything BUT funny today, except in the very bitchiest of frustrated ways. So, instead I give you my personal secrets to enriching your on-line hours.

Every now and then, I recommend a blog to a friend, and the next day, I invariably get the same question: "How do you find the fabulous sites?"

Guys, it isn't difficult, and soon you too will be able to amaze and dazzle people around you with your mastery of the Internet (says the girl who can't hyperlink). First, find a blog you like. Then, check their blogroll to see who they enjoy. Go to one of those blogs, find one you like, and then let the process continue from there. It ain't complicated, but, in its exponential way, can take over your life... you've been warned.

That being said, I have finally updated "Irma's Picks" on the right hand side with the blogs I check every single day. There are others I read from time to time, but this is my list of "must visit" sites that have given me hours of enjoyment and caused my laundry to pile up on more than one occasion.

How to enjoy a new blog? Personaly, I initially go to a site and read the most recent entry or two to see if it appeals to me. I then click in to the archives and read the whole thing from the very beginning. Now, this is just my personal method, I know lots of people who go to blogs and just pick up the story wherever the author may be. I can't do that, though, I need to know the whole story / all the in jokes / all the context. And once I have read it all, I keep up with the updates as they occur.

So yes, the blogs you see in Irma's picks? I have read every word and I highly recommend them all. On first glance I know it seems that I focus on "mommy blogs" an awful lot , and I suppose I do. I'm a Mommy for Christ's sake, what do you want?? But these ladies (and gentlemen) are either incredibly poignant or funny as hell. Or both.

So go. Read.

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