Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Hell's Kitchen

Husbandly One and I loooooooooove Gordon Ramsay, period. Last night we caught this season's premier of "Hell's Kitchen", and while we enjoyed it immensely, for the first time we also were a bit put off by the whole thing.

Examples: Chef Ramsay tries a (questionable) tartar made of raw scallop, caviar, white chocolate, and capers. We are then forced to watch him "retch" into a trash can for five minutes. And when dinner service hits a low note, and "customers" start walking out, he forces the contestants to look out at the dining room, and EVERY SINGLE PERSON has walked out...? I'm sorry, that is hokey to the Extreme. Some tables walk out? Sure. ALL tables walk out? Never going to happen, unless the TV crew tells them to.

I love this show, love the way it shows the public how our lives are lived. An angry chef? This part is true. Chefs are very passionate, and they know that everything that leaves the kitchen is attributed to THEM. So do they get short sometimes, do they get terse, do they curse? Well, DUH, of course they do. They are ALSO the loveliest, funniest, most caring people you will ever met. You don't see THAT on TV, do you?

Last night's Hell's Kitchen left a bad taste in my mouth. The producers are (I am sure) forcing Goron Ramsay to be SO over the top for ratings only, not considering how those of us in the Business will now question him for that kind of behaviour.

I have insider info from people who have worked directly with him that he is exacting, he is demanding, he is a perfectionist, but he is FAIR, he believes in his talented staff and works with them to help them attain their full potential. And while I enjoy drama on the show, I just wish I could see that side of him on TV.

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