Sunday, April 6, 2008

Joining you by candlelight

Guys, I was soooo not kidding about eliminating (or at least minimizing) electric light from my life.

The first time I did this in Husbandly One's presence, he was all, "Ok Irma, I get the point. Can we put the lights on now?"

Less than a week later, he is next to me, watching TV by candlelight with no comment. YAY ME. Ok, ok, we are still watching TV, still using electricity for my laptop, BUT we are doing whatever we can, such small gestures.... Doesn't hurt that this is costing us less money as well. (Which, I believe, is the only reason he's doing this. Hell, I don't care, I want to have lower bills, too!)

In other news, my mum called me the other day to invite me to share in the remembrance of the second anniversary of my dad's's next Friday. Mum, Sisterly One, and I will eat the life altering macaroni & cheese Daddy always made for us, and then watch old family videos with the junkfood and beverages of our choice. Perfect.

Daddy would have loved this, would have been the first one to suggest which videos to look at, would have been the first one in the kitchen to cook our family favourites.

And even though it has been two years, and even though we have dispersed his ashes on three continents, I STILL believe he will burst through the back door, his hair in disarray from the wind, and tell us there has been a monumental mistake.

I agree, Daddy. There was a mistake, So come home now, ok?

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