Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Random things on my mind right now

I have an overwhelming desire to knit a sweater. I've knit about a dozen sweaters in my life, but the last one was probably a decade ago. I suspect my sudden urge to knit comes from a desire to be crafty without having to be creative. I want to create, but I want to follow a pattern, damn it, instead of making decisions! (Something that scrapbooking requires, unfortunately!)

The other night I broke a nail while trying to drag my insanely barking dog back in the house. Broke it so far down that no "white" of the nail was involved, the split (and it IS a big split) is deep, deep down in the pink part of the nail, so far down that it can't even be cut. It bled a bunch at the time, and I have kept the whole thing tightly wrappped in a bandaid since then, because, if I catch that thing on something and it tears off? I might literally die from the pain.

Best laugh I've had in a long time: On the second anniversary of my Daddy's death, my Mum, Sisterly One and I watched old videos. There was one Daddy filmed of their eight week puppy, playing in the sprinkler in their freshly turned garden. You have never seen a puppy so happy or dirty dirty DIRTY, and this part of the video was right after they gave the new puppy a bath....Finally, Daddy tells my (then) ten year old sister, "Go get your mother." And after Sisterly One leaves to do as she's told, my father confides in the camera, "Wife is going to kill me" and starts cackling with laughter. He just knew the situation was too funny to stop taping. THAT was what my Dad was like.

I actually enjoy watching golf on TV, even though I think the game is pretty stupid in real life.

One of my friends says there's a new "Lost" this week. My other friend, also a Lostie, says it's next week. I don't care, just get me back to the island!

Iced Capuccino at Timothy's SUCK.

No matter what Husbandly One is looking for around the house, no matter how obscure, I always know where it is. Why is that?

What would happen if I vacuumed my dog? (Relax, I'm NOT going to vacuum my dog with a regular vacuum cleaner, okay? I don't abuse my animals. I just wonder if a person could minimize the shedding.)

Nylons from the Dollar Store are fabulous. Hair elastics from the Dollar Store are terrible. You win some, you lose some.

I want to see the documentary, "Jesus Camp".

Ice cream is gross.

Teaching myself how to run an "official" BBQ competition is an awful lot of fun.

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