Thursday, April 24, 2008

Theory confirmed: we ARE cursed

Over the last five years, I now see Husbandly One and I have had a string of bad luck. At first, I guess the incidents were far enough apart that I didn't make the connection. My eyes are open now, though!

2008 has been especially interesting so far. We are only four months in to this mother, and I live in financial terror of what will happen NEXT. So far this glorious year, I have totalled my car, spent $4000 on a new transmission for our truck, had the celing in our garage collapse because (apparently!) I need a new roof NOW, the deck on the front of our house has sagged under the weight of the snow and needs to be repaired / possibly replaced, we have spent approx $3,ooo sending my Step-Son to Alberta to live out the promise of "Lots of Jobs and Big Money" and then flying him back home again. I literally can't take anyomre.

Last night, we got home to a puddle of water in our bathroom. There was a big leak under the sink. Husbandly One screwed around with the pipes for an hour or so, only to come to the realization that we actually need an entire new sink.

I told this story at work this morning, and my girlfriends tried to be encouraging. "At least sinks aren't expensive, I have seen them at Costco for as little as fifty dollars."

And I was all, "Fifty dollars? What's THAT?"

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forestsister said...

buggah!!! that sucks, irma.