Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Check this out

Ok, you know how on 99% of the blogs in the universe, the writer has enough technical savvy to say, "Click here for more info", and the word "here" is a different colour, and when you click on it, it's actually a link?

Yeah, umm, I don't get how to do that. Once upon a time, my BFF sent me an email with easy step by step instructions on how to achieve this feat of modern communication. I promptly lost the email.

So no, I'm not going to ask you to click "here", but I am going to ask you to wander over to the right hand side of the screen to Irma's Picks and link into Butterscotch Palace to see what she's up to. She is willing to shave off all of her long, gorgeous, naturally curly hair for the "Valentine's Hair Massacure". All the money will be split between pediatric oncology at her local children's hospital and the Make A Wish Foundation, and all the hair goes to Locks of Love.

And she has less than two days to reach her goal of $500.00

Just saying.

I'm not asking you guys for money, I'm just asking you to go have a peek and see if this is something you'd like to support. Thanks for looking!

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