Tuesday, May 6, 2008

So much happiness - PARENTAL ADVISORY

I am not exactly a cutting edge kind of girl, and I tend to miss out on the hottest pop culture, so although the video clips to follow are a few months old, I only saw them today.

My day started off pretty crappy again today (totally different reason, though...this time my stress revolved around a monumentally incompetent meeting planner, instead of around something I dreamed.) Regardless, by lunch time I was exhausted. A friend of mine said, "Irma, come to my office, I got something to show you that'll cheer you up."

And she showed me this. (Warning, NOT family friendly. Or friendly to people with taste.) (And let it load completely before you watch, otherwise the starting-and-stopping ruins the moment)


It made me chuckle, it was cute, but I almost peed my pants when she showed me THIS


Dude, that is sooooo what I needed today.

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forestsister said...

and was that not HARRISON FORD in clip #2??? hahaha. ben affleck makes a hot gay man.