Friday, May 23, 2008

Leonard Cohen thinks I'm sweet

Yes, I am now officially sweet. Why? Because Leonard Cohen told me so.

Went to the concert tonight, it was beyond spectacular. I have never seen so many standing ovations in my life. Dude performed for three hours and he rocked my world.

After, Husbandly One and I cut through the hotel after the concert to get to our car, and who do we come face to face with but the man himself. Husbandly One told Mr. Cohen how much we enjoyed the show, I thanked him for his great performance, we parted ways. And once there was 150 feet between us, I remembered I actually had a legitimate message for him.

I whirled around and RAN across the lobby just as he was getting in the elevator. The elevator door was almost closed when I yelled, "Sir, I have a message for you from Mr. XXX !"

Long pause.

Elevator door opens. Clearly the name I mentioned was well known to him (which I knew it would be, but least I wasn't some crazy stalker!)

I get in the elevator out of breath. I gasp, "I'm sorry! I work at the hotel, I actually made all your arrangements here. This afteroon Mr. XXX's assistant called to see if you wanted to go to synagogue with him tomorrow, but I told her you were flying out tonight. I only found out at 5pm that your plans had changed and you were leaving tomorrow. So I just wanted to let you know that Mr. XXX did try to get in touch. I would hate for you to miss each other because of me."

Slight pause.

Lovely, lovely smile on his face.

"Oh aren't you just sweet to let me know. But I'm leaving very early in the morning so I won't be able to see him this trip."

"Well", I said, "I just wanted to let you know."

"That is very sweet of you to worry. Thank you for taking the time."

And then we made small talk, blah blah blah. He got off on his floor, I rode the elevator back to the lobby, and when I got out my knees were actually weak.

Listen, I deal with celebrities all the time. I am the least star struck person on the planet.

But, hello? It was Leonard Bloody Cohen.

And he thinks I'm sweet.


forestsister said...

and did he say it in that to die for gravelly voice???

Irma said...

It WAS the gravelly voice, but with a soft, conversational tone. It was literally the most surreal four minutes of my life. I remember making small talk with Keith Richards and not being fazed...but Leonard Cohen? I'm lucky that my sentences actually made sense.