Monday, September 3, 2007

Still waiting for inspiration

Back when I was blogging every day, I always found something to say. Sometimes it was funny, sometimes it was poignant, and sometimes it was downright boring, but at least I said it. The Inspiration Fairy hasn't been around lately, though, so I figure the only way to get her to come back is to write here until she finds me again. And you get to live through the lacklustre results.

I helped entertain 25 clients in our corporate tent at the big Tim & Faith concert on Saturday. Weirdest thing to happen to me this weekend / in my career? Bending over to get something out of my purse which I had left on the floor, and having a client yank the back of my jeans down. Apparently, in my crouched position, the tattoo on my lower back became slightly visible, and she wanted to see the whole thing. "Off with her pants!", she cried! Well, noooo...what she really cried at the top of her healthy lungs was "OmiGAWD, look at the tattoo!!!"

And I was all, "'s actually a really elaborate birthmark. Now get your hand out of my panties."