Sunday, September 30, 2007

Here comes the sun....and I say, it's alright

Husbandly One and I stayed up all last night, only closing our eyes in slumber after we stood in front of our picture window, watching the sun rise.

Why were we up all night? Was it a soul searching conversation in which we bared our souls? Was it because we had secrets and dreams to share? Was it because we made wild, passionate love until the sun caressed our bodies?

No no, it was because neither of us had ever seen "The Lord of the Rings". We put the first movie in the DVD player just after 8pm and only finished the whole trilogy at 6:30 am.

We are losers on so many levels that I can't even bear to speak about it. But you know what, we are losers the same way, and we make each other laugh, and we already know each other's secret dreams.

Tired now, going to bed...

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forestsister said...

Sweeeeeet!!! But did you like it?? I loved the series...and think, you didn't have to wait a year between each installment! You guys rock.