Monday, February 23, 2009

Me and my big mouth

My part of Canada got clobbered by a massive snow storm today. Clobbered. MASSIVE.

Husbandly one and I made it in to work just before 10am, only an hour and a half late...I wandered over to accounting, to see who else had made it in, and of course we started comparing snow stories. I said something about Husbandly One shovelling, and just as I was getting to the point of my story (grr), High Ranking Manger said, "What? Husbandly One doesn't have a snow blower? (please note he did not actually call him Husbandly One.) But what about his back? And at his age, sputter sputter, more annoying stuff, more unasked for advice etc."

So I gave him a brilliant but not very sincere smile and said, "Well, Manager Guy, if YOU have $1500 you'd like to give ME, then I will go buy him one today. But if not, then we'll just continue as we are, thanks." Hmph. Busybody. I showed him.

About an hour later, Husbandly One stopped by my office, and thank goodness I was already sitting down: High Ranking Manager Guy gave him a snowblower.

Turns out, the hotel had bought one about eight years ago during some interuption with the company who plows our door ways and parking lot. Hotel has used said machine about six times, and then put it away in a storage shed where it has sat ever since. High Ranking Manager Guy spoke to Ultimate Boss, who said, "Hey, why don't we give it to him??"

I am floored. Machine will be dropped off tonight and then our days of shovelling are over. And while a snowblower doesn't fit in very well with my environmental values, it fits in VERY well with my values about my almost 60 year old husband not having a heart attack in our front yard.


forestsister said...

sweeeeeeeeeeeeet! good karma, baby.

Pamela Dawn said...

Boy you are right--- sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet!!! prayers work!-- (would you pray for a job for my husbandly one now!!!!!!)
sorry, I haven't written much-- busy is not the word at this point-- plus a bad bad cold- ;(
love ya chickie--p