Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Pop quiz

What do you get when you combine heroin with crack? In my world, you get a seed catalogue.

My first seed catalogue of the season arrived today, and I almost asked Husbandly One to turn down the lights, put on some romantic music, and leave me ALONE with my precious catalogue. So many vegetables, so many choices.... I think my cooing got a bit annoying after a while, because he finally said, "Oh would you just shut up, you don't even LIKE radishes!"

In other news, I bring you The Worm Chronicles, Chapter Four: In Which Our Heroine Nourishes A Community. Tonight I fed my beautiful worms for the first time; Ilex had recommended waiting up to two weeks, but I just couldn't resist the temptation any longer. In my own defense, I didn't feed them much, probably just a few tablespoons, but it felt soooooo good. And even though I know there is no need, I carefully chopped and shredded their first meal in their new home; after all, I wanted it to be special.

(Don't worry, I will be seeking therapy shortly....)

And finally, an update on my 2009 so far as it relates to new skills and personal growth:

-- I have begun studying "A Purpose Driven Life" with my mentor, Pam....I know she will forgive me that I am now woefully behind in the daily lessons (after only two weeks!) but I AM enjoying it, and I AM thinking about things in new ways.

-- I have perfected baking white bread, and found a focaccia recipe so good that Husbandly One has specifically requested I make it twice in the last ten days. Both recipes were found at the blog A Year In Bread (I will update my recommended blogs shortly, I swear.)

-- I have read four novels and am starting a fifth.

-- I took pictures of all my favourite Christmas ornaments before I took my tree down. I plan to create a very small, very simple book with the photos and brief explanations as to why those particular baubles are so important to me. Someday, that information will be important to my Son, and what if I'm not around to tell him?

-- I have begun worm farming!!

-- I have been watching the sales for my flight to Spain this fall.

-- I am teaching myself how to make cheese this coming Saturday!! (blog post SURE to follow!)


Gillian Grattan-Baldwin said...

I just ordered Purpose Driven Life from the library and aiming to follow your lead here...I am always looking for good, inspirational self-growth reading and that sounds like a good one. :)

Keep worming! Love the chronicles! :)

forestsister said...

first you make bread, then cheese...start mashing grapes between your toes and i will be asking you to marry me.

forestsister said...

oh oh oh - seed catalogue arrived today!!! holy crap - i want to plant everything. it is seriously hard to narrow all this down.