Thursday, January 22, 2009

My Lost Weekend

Omigod Lost was soooo awesome last night, they should just rename the show "Awesome" and be done with it. Did I understand it? No. Did my friends understand it? Hell to the no. But who cares, it's baaaaaaack.

Which brings me to my (possibly upcoming) Lost weekend. Son has expressed an interest in watching my Lost DVD's, so we may watch a few; heavens knows I'm pumped!

Also on the agenda for the weekend, I know Son is looking forward to feeding the worms, but that only takes two minutes at the most. I want him to go through the seed catalogue with me and pick a few things that he wants to grow. He is involved in my garden planning and maintenance every year, not to a high degree but enough that I know he is slowly learning here and there. I love it when he calls me to ask how "his" carrots are doing, and I know how much he loves to eat "his" tomatoes. (even though "I" did all the work!)

I also know he was kind of intrigued when I told him I was learning to make cheese, so I may get out all my utensils, sanitize them, and try again with his help. Don't get me wrong: he thinks I'm absolutely crazy, but he is young enough to find it amusing and want to come along for the ride. Plus then he gets to make fun of me, so we all win.

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