Saturday, January 17, 2009

The Cheese Chronicles, Episode One: This Is RIdiculous

We now interrupt the Worm Chronicles to bring you today's installment of the Cheese Chronicles.

I procurred rennet from an actual cheesemaker, someone who pays his mortgage with his cheese, as opposed to buying some anonymous powder.

I sanitized all my equipment by way of boiling water: my pot, my spoon, my thermometer, my glass bowls, my measuring sppons, my measuring cups, my knife... and lest this list of equipment convinces you that making cheese is "hard", it ISN'T. What IS hard is getting the milk to the right temperature so that you can begin. First my milk was too cold, then it was too warm, and now I'm back to cold again. I have been at this for FIVE HOURS, and all I have to show for my labour is four litres of milk at the wrong temperature....

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