Thursday, December 18, 2008

Winter survival

We had our second big snowfall of the season the other day. And on that same day, I mindlessly opened the pantry to feed the animals. Last can of dogfood. Slumping bag of cat food that contained about nine crunchies and a halfcup of crunchy dust. Doh!

Didn't I write about this last year? Didn't I suggest that we all keep a stash of three or four days worth of essentials, in case we couldn't lave the house?

It was me? Yeah, that's what I thought.

The problem with keeping a storm stash in my house is I have to hide it, otherwise the men use it and don't tell me. No more dogfood in the pantry? No problem, Irma has a dozen cans in the furnace room, just go grab one. Hell, bring up four or five so we don't have to keep going down there. And hey look, she's got double A batteries, I totally need some for the Wii remote. And why did she put canned soup on the grocery list this week, she's got six cans right here! Ooo, grab those matches, too, my lighter's almost dead.


So do yourself a favour: imagine what would happen if the power went out for three days and you couldn't leave the house. What could you cook in your fireplace? What would you do for light? How would you take care of your pets? And after you have prepared your box of storm supplies? HIDE IT.

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