Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Getting on the Phelan band wagon

As you know by now, my interest and determination to grow my own food has been revving up these last few months. In 2009, I really AM putting in my my first garden of any real size. I am going to live my dream.

One of the people who has given me the greatest inspiration in this area is Phelan. I have never met this remarkable woman, but I have read every word of her blog, all four years worth of archives. A few years ago, she and her husband took the plunge in to modern day homesteading: growing huge gardens; raising livestock for meat, dairy, eggs, and companionship; learning "new" skills, which are actually quite old, in an attmept to live their lives more simply and richly, while treading gently on this planet.

I love this stranger, and I recommend her blog with all my heart.

On Christmas Eve, Phelan and her family will be forced off their small farm. (No, that is not melodrama, the date really IS December 24th.) She and her husband have worked hard these years to pay all their bills and be self sufficient. Earlier this year, however, her husband was laid off from his job and took a new position at a lower rate of pay. And now they are in crisis.

After many comments ftom faithful readers of her blogs (and it sounds like a few heated discussions with her friends, ha ha) she has reluctantly put a PayPal button up on her site. I have donated, and, quite frankly, I am asking you to consider doing the same.

I know there are many appeals for everyone's money at this time of year. I also know that it must be pretty easy to attempt an "Oh poor me, give me money" scam on the internet. Fair enough. But you just have to trust me; if you read even a month's worth of her posts, you would see that there is no way this situation could be anything but real.

I routinely give money to organizations, in order that they may then distribute the funds. A gift to Phelan's farm fund would just cut out the middle man.

I STILL have not learned to hyperlink (mabe in 2009, after I put in the garden) but her blog is at

Please read her posts from Dec 8 and 9.

That's it for tonight, just me with an appeal for your support. Just consider it, okay?


forestsister said...

funny thing about growing your own food etc. the other night my dad was telling me that canada gets its largest supply of apple juice from china. i had no idea. i figured that those little ole orchards in bc were doing all the work. quite scary.

Phelan said...

Thank you for all the kind words. I hope your garden does well.