Friday, December 19, 2008

Neighbourhood watchdog

I have already admitted that when it comes to energy conservation, I am a hypocrite: I keep my home at 55 degrees Fahrenheit, but I love outdoor Christmas lights and encourage everyone to put them up.

But tonight I am up later than normal (almost 1 am) and I just looked up and down my street. Two houses still have their lights lit, which is ridiculous. I mean really, who expects twinkly lights after 10 pm or so? Who's around to SEE them?

I suspect these households forgot to turn them off, and so now will be wasting energy all night. I wonder if they would appreciate me banging on their doors right now to let them know.

(oh, and by the way, I forgot to mention this the other day: Husbandly One was in the kitchen, going through the day's mail, when I heard him drop an F-bomb. Curious, I went to investigate after he moved on to other things. The F-bomb was detonated by our gas bill. I took a quick peek inside and realized that, based on the total due, clearly the dumbass hadn't paid our bill the month prior and now we owed two month's worth. I was SOOOOO mad at him.... until I unfolded it completely. No no, he HAD paid our gas bill the previous month, the current balance due (think: "mortgage payment" type number) was for four weeks of me sitting in the cold and dark.

So much for me setting my thermostat to 55 degress Fahrenheit (on average). I hope everybody who lives here is ready to make friends with 45...

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Pamela Dawn said...

MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!! Thank you so muc for my Christmas gift! It was pure joy just chatting!!-- You my dear are the best!-- I am loving having a new friend. Give #1 son and husbandly 1 a big hug-- P