Sunday, March 9, 2008

I'm fine, and I'm thankful

And I'm also very tired, so I don't have the energy to tell this story properly. So here's the email I just sent my best friend

Son and I were in a pretty bad car accident on the highway today. I Lost control of the car (lots of slush), I was all over the road (sheer miracle I didn't hit anyone as the traffic was heavy) I ended up flipped over on the roof of the car in a water filled ditch thirty feet down. The first vehicle that stopped to help us was a bus of soldiers, of all things.

I was able to get my seat belt undone (before anyone reached us) and I crawled over under Son so that I could kind of push his body up so he could undo his seatbelt. Right around that point a man reached Son's side of the car and said he was going to bust out the window to get us out. I said, "No, I don't have my son's seatbelt undone yet." He said he was going to go around to the driver's side instead to break that one.

I don't really remember waht happened next, except I heard someone say, "The window is already open", which I found odd. I do remember two soldiers pulling me out of the car, but I don't remember them taking Son out (which clearly they must have done before they took ME out because he was on top of me.)

The soldiers took care of us until the ambulance came. I called Husbandly One to tell him what had happened and that WE WERE FINE. He immediatelyleft the house to come to the scene. So the ambulance gets there and they checked us out, my heart rate was high (I wonder why) but other than a bunch of cuts to my right hand, we were declared ok.

At that point we went to wait in a cop car for about 20 minutes or so. Husbandly One later told me that he was perfectly calm driving out to us, until he came around the corner and saw all the fire trucks, etc. THEN he started to freak out.

We stayed while they turned my car over and then dragged it out. The reason that man had said that a window was down on the dirver's side was because both windows on my side were completely gone. The windshield buckled inward quite considerably, but did not "break" ...well, other than the fact that it is in 50,000 pieces. The roof of the car was smashed in, the whole driver's side of my car is a wreck, and the suspension is destroyed. Total write off.

WE ARE FINE. I can't even begin to tell you what a miracle that is, on our way down the bank we JUST missed hitting one of those highway signs (by like a foot or so). My back is starting to get sore (the paramedics told me that would probably happen) but it's a muscular pain so no worries. I have tenderness across my chest from my seatbelt, but no bruise. Like I say, the worst thing was a BUNCH of superficial cuts to my hand from all the powdered glass in the car. I ended up finding glass inside the sleeve of my long sleeved shirt which was inside my coat for GOd's sake. I had a lot of glass on my face, in my eyelashes and eyebrows and in my hair, and even some in my nose and mouth (which, someohow, I just spat out the last piece about an hour ago.)

Oh, yeah, it is currently 10:30pm and the accident was at 3pm. Well, I don't know what else to tell you, I know this is all poorly written but I'm doing my best.

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Froggy said...

Well someone was looking over you yesterday... I am guessing two people were looking over you! I am so glad that you are ok!
luv you lots!!!