Thursday, December 6, 2007

Power outtages and you

I have a lot of respect for the chefs I work with. Over the years, they have given me tons of advice about food in general, and tonight, I am going to share with you the simplest, easiest trick in the world. Seriously, your jaw is about to fall open and hit the floor. And then you are going to call all your firends and share this with them, it's that good.

Are you ready?

Okay, then.

We have all experienced power outtages. Sometimes it's for an hour or two, but sometimes it's for a day or more.I think most of us who have lived through extended outtages have then turned to our significant other and said, "Shit, what about the stuff in the freezer?" Or, as once happened to me, I returned home after a weekend away and discovered that, at some point, the power had been off. WHen? For how long? And what about my freezer??

So here's what you do (but you have to do it now). Throw a few ice cubes in a tupperware container and put it in the freezer. After your next power outtage, check the ice. If it still looks like cubes, your food is still safe. If it has melted into anything other than pristine cubes, you have a problem.

See? How mind blowingly easy is THAT?

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