Saturday, December 15, 2007

Just sedate me

We leave on our trip to Florida in five days. I have been planning, dreaming about, and looking forward to this trip for eight months. But today it hit me: WE LEAVE IN FIVE DAYS.

Ever the procrastinator, up until today it felt like I had loads of time to prepare. Then this morning, I woke up at 3:30 am, and all was not cool in my world. Reality came crashing down and I immediately got up and made thre lists: Things To Do (such as photocopy documents, get a haircut, pay bills), Things to Buy (kitty litter, one last Christmas gift, food for the next four days) and Things to Pack (well....I never got around to packing today, but I DID make a list of things I commonly forget). Between the three lists, there are over seventy items for me to accomplish.

I left the house at 9am this morning, and only got back here at 6 pm. I therefore had the right to relax with a beer for an hour before I got back in to stuff around the house. Well, it is now almost 9pm, I am about to get in to the bathtub, and only eight of te seventy items have been crossed off my lists. Not good.

Tomorrow is Sunday. Husbandly One needs to go in to work to prepare for our staff party, so I will have the better part of the business day uninterrupted to do things around the house before I begin getting ready for the party. But seriously, I want to be gorgeous tomorrow, my party preparations may take a while. So over-all housecleaning and what have you will clearly suffer. PLUS, we are expecting 30 cms of snow tomorrow. Which I will have to shovel, seeing how Husbandly One won't be here. So, between shovelling and showering, looks like tomorrow is going to be a write off.

And then I go back to work the next day. And I work straight until the morning we leave.

I am sooooooo screwed.

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