Tuesday, December 4, 2007

40 centimetres of snow, and counting

Stupid, stupid WINTER.

Major storm began blowing in last night when I went to bed. This morning, I stumbled out of my room at the regular time (big mistake), looked out the living room window, and hightailed it back to the bedroom to wake Husbandly One, who was actually off today. "Hon, you gotta get up. There is a ton of snow, we need to shovel, and I can't be late for work today, I have a meeting at 8:30."

Him, all snuggly warm and not quite awake, "Yeah....I'll get up in a minute...."

"DUDE, you have no idea what the end of our driveway looks like. I'm scared."

That got his attention, and he got up immediately to see what I was talking about. In retrospect, I wish I had had a camera in my hands, because the sight of my buck naked man standing in front of the picture window saying, "Fuuuuuuuuuuck" was priceless.

I finally made it to work, a half hour late...no one had showed up for my 8:30 meeting, anyway, so that was one less thing to worry about. I had a TON of work I needed to get done, so I thought that, seeing how most of Atlantic Canada was cancelled today, I could get some serious office time.

HA! There are nine of us in Sales...today, only two of us made it in, me and the catering coordinator. And the phone rang off the HOOK, and she only had one person to forward the calls to. It was pure chaos, and while part of me was cursing my co-workers, the other part of me was cackling in glee: today alone I met my bedroom sales quota for the month, simply because I had to deal with everything, whether the booking in question was traditionally my market or not.

Still, at 3pm, our general manager decided that the weather was getting too out of control, and shut down the administration offices (not that there were many of us around.... there are normally 20 people on our floor, today we were 7, including the two of us in Sales). Whatever, I was totally surprised to be sent home, that has never happened to me during my 20 years in the hotel industry. I said, "ummm....don't you want me to go bus tables in the restaurant? Or clean rooms in Housekeeping? Or wash pots in the kitchen? Or stay over night in case people can't get in tomorrow?"

It was just so far out of my realm, this idea that non-essential personnel were actually, gasp, being told to go home to their families while it was still safe to travel. But I was very, very glad to get home.

It is 9:45pm, and still snowing. Looks like tomorrow will be another morning of shovelling. But at least I'm home.


Mare said...

Wow! That is a first. Lucky you...ok well not really ;)

forestsister said...

ooo sounds like a terrific snowfall - am so jealous! take photos! and WTG on the quota. you ROCK.