Thursday, August 19, 2010

Pretty feet

Tonight I went to a lovely barbeque for my immediate department. There were ten of us there, eight women and two men. Because of the lovely summer weather, I had ample opportunity to look at assorted sandal-clad feet.

All, on the women at least, were soft. Pretty. Pearly polish in soft, summer shades.
Perfect. You could serve meals on them.

Then there's me. I ruin my feet on purpose, swab them with rubbing alcohol to toughen the skin and reduce the occurrence of blisters. Remove dry skin patches only when it seems I must do so to avoid callous. I have ugly, ugly feet.

I have feet that climb mountains. I have feet that slog through puddles at 6:00 am. I have feet that totter sexily in four inch heels at work, and feet that pound the trail in boots once work is done. I have feet that take me places I haven't seen before. I have feet that are not afraid.

(and yeah, I haven't blogged in five months, and now I want to talk about FEET? Whatever, at least I feel like blogging again....)


Mel said...

I don't considere my feet ugly.. They are beautiful. Beautiful beacuse I walk bare foot everywhere and because once upon a time I was a runner & runners know the inportance of tough feet.
My feet look best when properly covered in dirt and grime.

Moving Companies said...

I love my feet lol...

sb.marianna said...

it doesn't really matter what your feet look like as long as you like them and feel comfortable with the way they look. let people talk, you're the one that walks on those feet.

you know what? I've never thought about feet at all. they're just... there. but now, that I think of it, I like my feet.

thanks for helping me find one more thing I like about myself!

Robbyn said...

love this post! the way you wrote about your feet is how I feel about my body...we've been through a lot together and instead of comparing it to others I wished it looked like, I think of the miles we've traveled and all we've been through...and then I admire the landscape and carefully put it back into some more 100% cotton clothes that don't look the most fashionable but feel FANTASTIC to this very patient and forgiving body :)