Thursday, May 6, 2010

Can I just say

that I am disappointed and bewildered by the fact that my brother's band, , was signed by Sony more than a year ago and there is apparently still not one corporately produced video or official ANYTHING out there.

Ok, I get it, they don't want to spend huge amounts of cash on a "new" band. But dudes are opening for Iron Maiden at the end of June, clearly SOMEONE has confidence in them.

My brother will freaking kill me for writing this, but he will also call me to point out how the music business works and that I shouldn't get my knickers in a knot, that this is all just the Way It Works.

But GAAAAAAAAAH, give me some love already!


Dorsh said...

This is a quite common practice actually. Not to worry though, the industry is gradually changing and 'majors' are starting to loose some of the power that they have gained over the past 70 years. The progress is in the tour, and with the people who support them. As long as they continue to gather supporters they should be fine. If and when they decide to leave the label, they may loose the rights to their recordings, but they would have acquired a fan base which is the most important thing. What's the name of the band? Hope they see success. Bless

Mare said...

Missing your Blog, Babe!