Saturday, November 14, 2009

So it was my birthday

Turned forty the other day.

I can honestly say I was ready for this, I was actually looking forward to this based on the personal high I was still riding from my trip to Spain. Woo HOO, I'm FORTY!!! I am ready to celebrate, ready to laugh at myself, ready to spend time with those I love, ready to start this next part of my life.

My son gave me a hug and a book. Hug was the best part.

And I'm pretty much done telling you what happened on my birthday, because that was pretty much it.


Wendy said...

Happy birthday!

I don't recall much about my fortieth ... although it wasn't so very long ago ;). I'll be forty-three next year.

I can say that it's definitely not gotten worse, and I appreciate my life a lot more now than I did ten years ago ;).

Carey said...

Happy Birthday!!

Gina said...

UGH! Helplessly behind...

Happy Belated Birthday!!!

hugs, Gina