Tuesday, October 20, 2009


I am 100% ready for my trip to Spain on Friday. Seriously, I am READY, I could literally get on the plane tomorrow by simply grabbing my fully packed bakpack and travel purse.

Except that I haven't called my bank and credit card company yet, to let them know I will be using those cards overseas. Must do that.
And I forgot to pack my first aid kit. Must get to that.
And then I realized I don't have "after walking" shoes for the evenings. Must buy those.
And this bird's nest on my head? Really must get a haircut.
Hmm. My gray will show more. Must dye hair.
Oh, and I haven't photocopied all my ID, in case there's an emergency / theft. Must take care of that.
Oh, and my Mum gave me a vial of my father's ashes for me to scatter in Spain when the spirit moves me...I CAN'T FIND IT. Must, must, must, must, must, MUST find that.

Today at work, so many well wishers were excited for me. Seriously, these men and women are THRILLED that I am doing something so crazy, so exciting and different. And I want to feel like they do, I want to be on cloud nine TOO.

So I suppose I better take care of these dumb details tomorrow, so I can be excited, too!


forestsister said...

i can't wait to see you!!!! currently on iona but will move on for friday... if the weather is bad the FERRY DOESN'T RUN. pray for calm seas on friday. started blog for trip butterscotchpalace.blogspot.com but internet has been neither here nor there. love you. xoxoxo

Cin said...

Have fun!!! I am so excited for you! I still remember when you first told me about this... and now it is here! Be safe and enjoy this unbeleivable experience that you are embarquing with your best friend!
luv ya

renelle said...

Have a great trip, my friend! Hopefully you'll get as many good memories as in 1984! Have fun!


renelle said...

Have a great trip, my friend! Hope you come back with as great memories as in 1984! Have fun!