Friday, November 12, 2010

Happy birthday to me

My Mum emailed me to wish me a happy birthday, I emailed her back. (The woman lives in China, after all)

Husbandly One had ZERO idea it was my birthday until 11 am, I think a co-worker pointed it out to him, he then came zooming in to my office to wish me a happy birthday and kiss me on the cheek. Yeah, that was great.

I called my son an hour ago, he is looking forward to seeing me tomorrow (FINALLY, we have had weird schedules) and he clearly knows it's my birthday seeing how we are planning a celebration between the two of us for tomorrow...but he didn't say the words.

Have not heard from my brother, sister, or step father. Granted it is early, but I have to go out tonight for a work thing, and I could really use some validation right now.


Fuck it. I'm awesome. I am a good mother, a good wife, a good beekeeper, a good knitter, a good baker, a good friend, a good person. I deserve someone to say "Happy Birthday."

So happy birthday to me.

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Robbyn said...

oh my GOSH, I didn't know it was your birthday, so now you know HOW behind on my blog fix I am! BELATED happy birthday, gal!!!!! We aren't celebrating any holiday again this year, and I usually feel a bit deflated about now, but honestly, I"ll just pamper myself in some way affordable. But I feel so bad I missed your birthday...and next year break down and simply TELL them it's your birthday in X number of days. It's totally worth is, and yes you ARE all those awesome things you listed, AND a bag of chips :)

Boo to menopause. YAY to cupcakes :)