Saturday, September 4, 2010

NOT comparing the two

My favourite song, of all time, is Leonard Cohen's "Hallelujah". He himself has said that kd lang's version is the Definitive One... even though she skips verses. Whatever. She is a goddess. The End.

But see, then I joined this choir. This amazing, amazing choir. So here's something totally different but totally the same. Let it load before watching, because it's worth waiting a few minutes.

(And I am the brunette blob at the far left end of the third row. In case you cared.)

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Robbyn said...

ok i'm reading back posts and first of all...are you feeling better??? sounds like you were DOG sick! after reading this post of yours about the Hallelujah, I watched the video and can I just say we have the whole Hallelujah thing in common, totally?? It's one of those things in my life, but I like n early every song with Hallelujah in it, and love this song...this gal has a beautiful voice. You know I had a several-decades christian background, right? and I love to sing! my views on who Jesus is has changed but not my appreciation for the message and real life he fact they were instrumental in my being a Jew (go figure!) :) anyway, I loved seeing the top of your head (that's all you can see) in this video and wish we lived close enough to sing in a choir together from time to time. You're a blessing, Irma...thank you so much for what you wrote on my recent post, and YES let's pray for each other. I don't get to go "a-blogging" as much as I used to, but LOVE coming here and checking in to see how you've been when I can! Blessings to you, my friend :)