Monday, November 24, 2008


Oh my heavens, tomorrow is the day we will hear Bill Clinton speak IN PERSON. As a Canadian, I admired him as President, and I have adored him as an ex-president. Three years ago, Husbandly One and I almost changed family vacation plans so we could go hear him speak three hours away from our home. (We were supposed to be sixteen hours away from home in the other direction, at that time... so we made the difficult decision to go on the vacation.)

But tomorrow? I will hear a speech of his in its entirely, instead of the sound bites on CNN. And I will be in the same room.

I have made this perfectly clear on the blog in the past: celebrities don't impress me, I literally could not care less. But POLITICIANS? Totally different story,


Pamela Dawn said...

OK- unfair-- wish I were there with you seeing HIM!!! what fun that would be-- after you see him give me an email shout--OK?? I want to hear all the details!!! Have a great time- Pam

ilex said...

I'm a big-time political junkie, too. Hope you'll write about the speech.